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VP of Professional Services.

  Philadelphia, PA

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Prosyntix is seeking a Vice President Level resource to manage and grow a professional service offering within a large Value-Added Reseller around the Cyber Security Domain.  This role would ideally sit in Parsippany NJ, Columbia MD or Philadelphia PA.        

For the role of VP of Professional Services, we are looking for a seasoned Cyber Security professional to help develop and deploy professional services for a recurring revenue model.  

Essential Functions:  

  • Assist CISOs with developing executive-level risk management strategies and presentations  
  • Manage and lead a team of professionals in our Risk Management, Technology Services and Cloud Practices  
  • Will work with team to identify customer-based service requirements  
  • Work with clients to understand roadmap purchases and design relevant services to match those needs  
  • Work with marketing  
  • Sales enablement  
  • Recommend and designs security solutions for clients and provides expertise on emerging security technologies 
  • Collaborate with vendors to develop additional value-added services for our clients  
  • Manage vendors that perform outsourced services, such as penetration testing and threat hunting services for clients  
  • Actively involved in generating new business and developing proposals  


  • Possess a firm understanding of the offerings within VMWare, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Microsoft Azure platforms  
  • Experience with leveraging Cloud SOC service or building in house or developing a ticketing system   
  • Experience building out team of strategic personnel  
  • Experience spinning up Recurring Revenue Services (ie: Managed Services 
  • Experience with SIEM to support or augment Managed SIEM with Logrythm and or Splunk  
  • Have sufficient information security, compliance and governance knowledge and experience to conduct complex security engagements  
  • Knowledge of and hands-on experience with enterprise security architecture  
  • Overall strong technical background  

Values and Attributes 

  • Exceptional customer service skills  
  • Demonstrated ability to present complex, sensitive or contentious information to the executive suite  
  • Ability to prepare written reports and deliver oral presentations to clients regarding conclusions and cost effective recommended solutions based on specialized professional expertise  
  • Project planning and implementation skills 

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