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Service Provider Engineer.

  Charlotte, North Carolina

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Prosyntix is recruiting for a short-term contract (2 months), remote Service Provider Engineer for one of our clients. The position could extend beyond the initial scope.
  • Prior experience within a telecom/service provider company
  • Experience with deployments and migrations
The client provides modern technology solutions to their clients across the Southeast. Their goal is to assist their clients by taking the complexity out of IT and enhancing client IT operations and reducing company risk. 

NCS1K Network Deployment
The transport deployment will include up to:
  • (2) NCS1K OS Upgrade and Initial Configuration
    • Pre-Deployment OS Upgrade and configuration of NCS1K systems.
  • (2) NCS1K Connectivity and Circuit Testing
    • Point to point operational testing of transport systems and testing failover operations.

Cisco ASR Router
The router deployment will include up to:
  • (4) Initial configuration(s) and IOS-XR updated to the best practice version
  • (2) Modules Installed into existing routers
    • Core router 100G Module Installations
  • (4) Advance SP configuration for core ISIS routing, EVPN L2VPN EVI, and IPv6 dual stack
    • Implement ISIS as the core routing IGP
    • Implement EVPN EVI solutions for Oneida core routers
    • Implement IPv6 dual stack for the ASR9K routers

Nexus Switch
The Nexus switch deployment will include up to:
  • Nexus 9300-series VPC switch pair(s) with configuration
  • (1) Integration to an existing datacenter
  • (30) Server(s) migrated to new switches


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