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Identity and Access Management Analyst.

  Charlotte, North Carolina

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This Identity and Access Management (IAM) Analyst is responsible for how users within our organization are given an identity - and how it is protected, including saving critical applications, data and systems from unauthorized access while managing the identities and access rights of users both inside and outside the organization. The IAM analyst will be responsible for developing processes for account creation, modification, disabling and deleting accounts. This would include Workday, Active Directory, O365, and many other downstream systems. The analyst will work closely with application owners to develop processes to manage the entire user account lifecycle to include User Entitlement Review as well as meet audit and compliance requirements.

The Identity and Access Management unit is responsible for provisioning support which includes ticket management, customer service, and knowledge of least privilege methodology with security rights, permissions and groups, experience with Active Directory, O365, Active Directory Federation Services and Multifactor platforms (Duo and Okta a plus). Due to the importance of this position, it is expected that a person supporting IAM has basic troubleshooting skills with networking and computer systems, can multitask, work in a fast-paced environment while providing excellent customer service.

In addition to the primary role of IAM Analyst this position will also perform general security analyst duties.


  • Design, implement, monitor and evaluate security controls that protect LendingTree systems and data.
  • Investigate security incidents as well as document security breaches to determine extent of exposure or damage.
  • Install and manage software designed to protect systems and information

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